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Are you an accountant?

What would you like to earn?

Earning £80000

What drives you?

With the amount you wish to earn and your desired reward...
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Become a Partner of one of the largest online Accountancy Firms in the UK

There is no limit to your earning potential

Create your own working lifestyle

Build relationships with your clients

If it's your ambition to

  • Build a thriving accountancy firm
  • Create a portfolio of clients
  • Enhance a world class brand
  • Embrace leadership

then we are very interested in speaking to you

If it's your ambition to

  • Control your own destiny
  • Earn money you deserve
  • Fast track your dreams
  • Obtain financial security

then we are very interested in speaking to you

If it's your ambition to

  • Work the hours you choose
  • Let technology do the work
  • Eliminate tedious administration headaches
  • Add value to your clients working life

then we are very interested in speaking to you

If it's your ambition to

  • Create a warm & welcoming atmosphere
  • Wine and Dine your clients
  • Be in a stress free environment
  • Remove Paperwork pile ups

Then we are very interested in speaking to you

I work for success

I work for money

I work for lifestyle

I work for happiness

What is MAF?

Are you fed up with laborious accounts production or tedious office politics? Do you want to work for yourself and own your own Firm? We are the perfect solution for anyone making the move from full time employment to building their own business. You will not be going it alone! Our team are ready to support all your admin, payroll, accountancy and software needs, so you’ll never have to worry about staffing or software costs. If you are a qualified accountant, we can have you fully set up in days, ready to take on your first clients.

Are you well connected? Great at talking to clients, a Real people person? Then you are perfect fit for being a Partner of My Accountant Friend.

Own your local area, develop your client portfolio, become part of something huge!

Our methodology works! The first ever franchisee of MAF earned more than his old salary within the first 5 months of trade and is on course to double his old salary in the first year.

Change your lifestyle, finances and security for ever.

Financial information - The franchise package:

The Franchise Fee to join MAF Online Accountants is £10,000 + VAT and allows you to work from agreed, designated area in the UK. All you will need is a laptop and telephone and we can set you up within hours.

As the owner of the franchise, you will be part of the brand, enjoy a percentage of the turnover, have no hassle of staffing and all software is provided. Leaving you to add value and build a client portfolio, until a point when you decide to sell.

We still have territories/post codes available across the United Kingdom contact us today to learn more.

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